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Life-Long Athlete eBooks

The eBooks below are designed for former athletes who want to continue to train at a high level. Please read the description of each to find the one that best suits your goals.

Olympic Power Building eBook

This program is a combination of principles from Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, and Bodybuilding to develop a physique that is both powerful and aesthetic. It includes 3 phases and the 15 week program is designed to progress you through each movement while gaining strength and adding muscle mass to your frame. It is perfect for former athletes, gym rats, and off-season bodybuilders looking to take their training to the next level.

Price: $50


Assault 71 eBook

Assault 71 is a program designed for former athletes and bodybuilders looking to gain muscle mass and strength. The number 71 refers to the total number of reps you complete for each compound lift (Squat, bench, deadlift, and military press). The program calls for you to train 4-days per week and is 4-weeks in length.

Price: $20


Circuit Strength 1.0 eBook

The circuit strength program is designed to kill two birds with one stone. The number one goal is increase lean muscle mass and the secondary goal is to reduce body-fat. The short rest periods will keep your heart rate up throughout the workout and has a similar effect on the body as sprint intervals. The workouts are total body and balanced to hit multiple muscle groups during each session. There are 3 total body lifts and one “cardio” day. Each workout can be completed in well under an hour.

Price: $20


The Complete Travel Guide for the Fitness Enthusiast

Fitness is a lifestyle…. How many times have you heard that statement thrown around in the last few years? While a lot of people say it, few truly live it. We define the “Fitness Lifestyle” as consistent functional exercise and sound nutrition practices DAILY.  Most people who try to eat healthy and exercise start off consistently for a month or two before travel plans take them off their path. Whether it was a weekend getaway, business trip, family vacation, or a wedding the deviation from the day to day routine causes a setback. The answer doesn’t come from avoiding the work conference, or skipping your friend’s wedding, it comes from maintaining your fitness lifestyle on the road.

Since you are reading this book it is safe to say that you are committed to training and nutrition and would like to sustain that lifestyle during travel. It doesn’t matter if you goal is the build muscle, lost fat, or improve endurance; if every time you travel you eat poorly and skip training your goals will not be reached and progress will be stalled. A common but true quote “If it were easy everybody would do it” rings true with fitness goals. Without the comfort of your home gym, training partner, or personal trainer it is completely up to you to hold yourself accountable on the road. Lack of facilities, room service, and a hectic schedule can lead to bad decisions and derail you if you don’t stay the course.

One of the key messages in this book is consistency. If you look at people who are successful in any endeavor whether it be business, athletics, or fitness related endeavors they are all consistent. Short intense training sessions while you travel in conjunction with strong nutrition habits will set you up for long term success. If you travel two nights a month for work and two weeks a year for vacation that adds up to 38 days….10% of the entire year. A 10% raise on your salary this year would be nice, wouldn’t it? As great as that raise sounds what if you had a 10% reduction in salary? Ouch! You need to look at your body as an investment and every little bit matters when you are consistent.

This book has an answer for every situation including hotel gym workouts, bodyweight workouts that can be done anywhere, how to find the right gym, and how to create your own exercise travel kit to take with you. Additionally, we provide snack and meal prep ideas for travel, nutrition hacks for airports, rest stops, and gas stations, the best options for ordering in, and the best items at fast food and chain restaurants to choose from. We leave no stone unturned and take the guess work out of every possible travel situation for you. Are you ready to get started?



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